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 “To eliminate the status quo and take total control being in the hands of providers and aggregators and empower an army of marketers to control their own business”.  
 “To start a revolution in the online affiliate marketing industry by taking the control away from the brokers who currently dictate all the terms of the sale, control the sales data and pay only when and if the broker chooses and put that power into the hands of the affiliates who actually make the sales” 
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For each video sharing site, you’re required to set up an account to be able to see how many times your video was loaded by whom, when and from where. This information can be crucial to your marketing efforts but it is a real pain in setting them up and reading them from all the individual sites. So, we aggregate all that data and put into an easy to read, all in one, format that you can download and store for your analysis or it can be sent to you in an email at regular intervals. Whether you order 5 submissions or 500, no more logging into each site to see your stats. One click will show you everything you need to know about which video is making you money! 
Production can be an expensive proposition for some. Professional production companies can charge thousands of dollars for story boarding, lighting, editing, set design, logistics, a director, a producer, editor, actors, costumes, make up, and much more, and that’s just for a single video. We’re certainly not discouraging anyone from hiring services like those because usually the better the quality, the better the results. However, we realize not everyone can or wants to pay that much. So we offer Video Production Services that you can use on your site an add-on or upsell. Picwhizz can take care of the video production. Of course you can charge whatever you think your customers will pay and then split that amount with us 50./50 but we recommend just doubling the $150 we charge so you make $150 and we make $150 , only we do all the work. “Check our Top Videos” 
Here are some ready to go Buttons and Banners, that you can use for your site! Or you can create your own customizable also! Click Here for More 
Every submission we make is done using the sharing sites API or it’s done manually. We don’t auto-generate any submission. Each submission is reviewed by a team leader to ensure it is properly submitted using the keywords your customer provided before the submission is done. The only downside to this process is that it takes time and that is why we require a 7 day turnaround. This is a necessity since we do it by hand but it is good for your customer too because most service providers that offer video/photo submissions do it with software that submits to everyone all in mere seconds and that is a sure-fire way to get red flags raised and have your customer’s submission deleted! 

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Ten bold predictions for Affiliate Marketing in 2014 When it comes to affiliate marketing, 2013 was quite an interesting year. Some of the biggest milestones included arecord-breaking e-commerce holiday seasondouble-digit network growth, and the closing of the Google Affiliate Network. And let’s not forget about “Cookiegate,” which was sparked when Mozilla announced plans for its Firefox browser to block certain cookies. Read More