Product Pricing

Submitting Your Video/photo

We have over 50 video sharing sites available, (and we’re always adding more), including all the most popular ones, making Picwhizz the most comprehensive service of this type on the web.

We have categorized all the sites and given them a rating based on daily traffic the site gets and the Page Rank of the sharing site. Your customer can select one, all of them or any combination that meets their requirement and budget.

We offer three categories of sharing sites and the 3 categories are:

Basic – These are sites with a PR of 1 or 2 and have average daily page views of 1,000 to 5,000

Premium – These are sites with a PR of 3 or higher and have average daily page views of 1,001 to 5,000

Platinum – These are sites with a PR of 5 or higher and have average daily page views of 10,001 or more. Most of the Platinum sites have a LOT more than 10,000 daily views. You Tube for example has over 33,000,000 a day!

We also offer packages where your customer can mix and match the different categories with 5-10-25 and 50 sites. Combo packages offer a 25% discount and provide the most exposure for the money. Plus, the more they order the more you make!

Prices shown are minimum prices for the service and are shown as examples. You are free to alter the prices to anything you choose as long as they are higher than the minimum prices shown. Also remember that whatever price you set, whether you just double the prices shown or raise them, Picwhizz gets 50% of the total amount of each sale.

And all combo packages are discounted 25%. That makes it easy for you to calculate the minimum prices and choose what you want to price them at.

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